10 Upcoming Movies With TERRIBLE CGI

9. Ferrari

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

One of the many great advantages of CGI is to execute stunts which would either be too dangerous or costly to pull off in real life, and so digital car crashes just make all the sense in the world, right?

Yet the trailer for Michael Mann's hotly anticipated return to feature films, Ferrari, shows off a vehicular collision that's one of the jankiest to appear in a major motion picture in quite some time.

At the end of the trailer (2:00), we see a car get launched into the air and collide with a telegraph pole before flying towards the camera.

Basically everything about it looks wrong from an effects perspective, but especially the physics, which wouldn't pass muster in a video game let alone a "realistic" biographical movie.

It's depressingly reminiscent of other infamously wonky CGI car crashes - namely that one in Along Came a Spider - and coming from a master of the medium like Michael Mann, that much more disappointing.

You can't even hope that the shot will look better in the final film, given that Ferrari has been touring the festival circuit for months and is totally done.

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