10 Tricky Costumes To Nail In Upcoming Comic Book Movies

Superhero movies... a costume designer's nightmare.

Superhero and supervillain costumes come in a wide variety of forms and are often quite weird and wonderful. Characters have been known to wear spandex, masks, cowls, hats, helmets, capes, robes, trench coats, armour, utility belts, keikogis and all kinds of other extravagant and wacky garments and objects - and those things can end up looking a lot less cool than they do in the comic books when depicted in live action. You only have to delve into comic book movie history to see how costumes can translate terribly. Look no further than the likes of the Fantastic Four, Steel or Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Bane and Mr. Freeze in 1997's Batman & Robin for evidence of that. With that in mind, there could still be issues with live action adaptations of comic book characters' costumes today and, with the comic book movie genre being so prominent now, there are a load of movies planned in the genre for the coming years. This article is going to look at some costumes that could turn out quite badly in live action, if the people behind the movies in question aren't very careful with them. Here are ten tricky costumes to nail in upcoming superhero projects...

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