10 Tricky Costumes To Nail In Upcoming Comic Book Movies

10. Adam Warlock In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Adam Warlock is set to appear in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, if not before in some sort of cameo or mid/post-credits scene, after having appeared inside his cocoon in both the Thor: The Dark World mid-credits scene and in the first Guardians Of The Galaxy. Once he appears in all his glory, however, his costume runs the risk of looking potentially silly. Granted, the whole cape thing has been pulled off before with the likes of Superman and Thor, but Warlock's somewhat more regal look, combined with the potential wackiness that could come with his often orange skin and unnaturally golden hair, could very easily look very cheesy. Warlock is, in a way, human (he's a synthetic being created to be the perfect human) and whether or not his look will work very much depends on if his appearance is totally human or somewhat alien.

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