10 Upcoming Video Game Movies That Absolutely Nobody Asked For

Plenty of games would make great movies - but Hollywood has other plans.

Angry Birds Movie Ever since Super Mario made the leap from a dozen pixels vaguely resembling an offensive Italian stereotype, to the worst decision of Bob Hoskins€™ career, gamers have longed to put down the controller and just watch their favourite games magically play themselves on the big screen. Unfortunately, the end result is a lot like letting your little brother play; it€™s all wrong, and you just want to grab the controller and say €œlook, just let me do it€. It€™s always exciting when Cinema cares enough to borrow some of Gaming's cool toys, but there€™s the risk that it will just break them out of spite, and hand them back. Are those endless Resident Evil movies even about zombies anymore? And why did Doom ditch the demons? The whole point is that its monsters are literal demons escaping from Hell, not just boring old genetic experiments. So it€™s hard to decide whether it€™s good or bad news that some of gaming's biggest franchises €“ Assassin€™s Creed, Warcraft, Bioshock €“ are all slated for the movie treatment in the next few years. In the right hands, games like those could become awesome films. But for every obvious pick, the rights are snapped up to a dozen others that have everybody scratching their heads.
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