10 Upcoming Video Game Movies That Absolutely Nobody Asked For

10. Minecraft

A huge chunk of YouTube is devoted to parody movie trailers of games that just couldn€™t work as movies, and a huge chunk of that huge chunk is devoted to Minecraft. It€™s the ultimate blank slate game, with no discernible characters and zero narrative structure. But Warner Bros, probably still high after the gamble on The Lego Movie paid off, has decided to let it ride, and doubled down on what€™s basically a virtual version of the same thing. With that in mind, it almost makes perfect sense; Minecraft has an absolutely enormous following, having sold over 35 million copies across PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and even mobile platforms. The merchandise range is as infinite as the games randomly-generated worlds, and Minecraft has quickly become as important to this generation as Lego was to previous ones. But there€™s one key difference; The Lego Movie crafted a story from the themes of its source material (creativity, exploration, the fun-sapping nature of toy collectors) and then animated it in the brand€™s iconic style. The Minecraft Movie could maybe, possibly, work if it followed that formula - except Warner has made a point of saying that the film will be live-action, which completely undermines the games core personality.
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