10 Utterly Insane Movie Cameos

John Goodman O Brother

Let€™s face it, everybody loves a good movie cameo. There€™s a great satisfaction in being the one person to clock a familiar face, or spot a quick appearance from a well disguised actor. We all try it, and love being the ones to succeed at it. When utilised to full effect, cameos can add new life to a film and freshen things up from the drudgery that is on our screens.

Those cameos that verge on the edge of lunacy can be even more captivating. You may have spotted some high profile A-lister creeping into a film for a few minutes, but the real pleasure is having that dawning realisation come over you, that split second reaction where the audience in your brain screams, €˜oh I see€ YOU€™RE MENTAL€™. For me, these cameos are by far the most intriguing. They come, they go crazy, they leave. As a movie lover€™s tribute to these fleeting lunatics of cinema, here comes a countdown of said nutters. Indulge yourself€

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