10 Utterly Insane Movie Cameos

8. Kevin Spacey €“ Se7en

Kevin Spacey Se7en

Another universally acclaimed actor to have played a number of oddballs, my personal favourite being his twitching transformation into Roger €˜Verbal€™ Kint in €˜The Usual Suspects€™. As far as Spacey€™s cameos go however, none get close to the murderous psychopath John Doe, insanely bent on re-enacting the seven deadly sins whilst toying with homicide detectives Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in a game of cat and mouse. Although Spacey plays the killer in question, he graces our presence for less than five minutes. In that short time, he manages to manipulate the police into thinking they have him booked, murders another victim and completes his sociopathic escapade with the final sins of envy and wrath. He also loves a good box.

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