10 Valentine's Horror Films That Will Make You Glad To Be Single

Never mind the cupids: celebrate Valentine's with some satisfyingly brutal horror.

Come on guys, let's be honest with one another. Nobody really enjoys Valentine's Day. Once Christmas comes to an end, everything in the shops immediately turns pink and fluffy, with elaborate displays trying to convince you that buying stuffed toys for grown-ups isn't creepy. Single people get tutted at (or worse - given relationship advice) by smug couple friends, and any normal person in a relationship can't help but feel commandeered into a capitalist regime in which they must prove love by the gaudiness of a card. Thankfully where there's love, there's obsession, betrayal, and murder. Some of the best (and most disturbing) horror films examine the apparently very small leap between loving someone and murdering them (that makes sense, right?) So never mind the cupids: celebrate Valentine's with some satisfyingly brutal horror.

10. Sightseers

If you're in a relationship with someone, think about them for a second. How well do you really know them? Sure, you might know their favourite band/film/book, or that Haribo gives them the runs, or maybe even that they have a silent daily struggle with anatidaephobia. But how cool would it be if they beat someone to death in front of you? What if that person was an insufferable knob? What if that person was, as the film puts it, not a person but a Daily Mail reader? When Tina and Chris take a mini-break together early on in their relationship it starts out as a boring middle-aged adventure through pencil factories and tram exhibits. However what starts as little annoyances from neighbouring caravans leads to something much more sinister. Sightseers is not really much of a horror film, despite all the murder, but more of a black comedy with some (extremely dark) laugh-out-loud moments. Sightseers tells you to certainly not trust that person you've been dating, no matter how soft their beard or how naive they seem, and everybody has a dark side.

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