10 Valuable Life Lessons Disney's Frozen Taught You

Moral messages you can take straight to the heart.

There are some films that know how to hit you right in your emotional centre, and more often than not, those films are made by Disney. Whether it's Hercules or Mulan, Toy Story or Up, or even Marvel's Avengers Assemble, pretty much all of Disney's movies know how best to tug at the heartstrings and give you a nice moral message all in one go, usually with some pop culture references to help the medicine go down. Frozen is no different, and is probably the most successful, being the highest grossing animated film of all time. The adaption of Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen is chock-full of life lessons that little girls (and boys) will keep with them forever, and that's not just talking about always taking the opportunity to build a snowman. The story of scatty Princesses Anna trying to rebuild the family ties with her sister Elsa is filled with messages about parenting, relationships, and knowing what to do when faced with a powerful monarch that has cryokinetic powers. Because that's the magic of a Disney movie - the ability to make a commercial success that will also warm your heart when you're watching it on repeat - even if it's the only thing on at Christmas.
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