10 Valuable Life Lessons Disney's Frozen Taught You

10. You Don€™t Need A Relationship To Be Happy

€œOnly an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart,€ is the centre of Frozen's entire narrative. It provides the tension in the beginning of the film, and the memorable and moving plot twist at the end. Was this any other Disney film, the 'true love' would be the handsome prince, swooping in to save the princess from whichever was happening at the time. In Frozen, of course, it's subverted. The handsome Hans turns out to be the villain, and the sororal love between Anna and Elsa is what frees Anna from her icy doom. Thousands of little girls learnt, at that moment, that they don€™t need a man in their life to save the day in order for them to get their €˜happily ever after€™ - that they can rely on their friends and family for all the support they€™ll ever need. Frozen€™s female empowerment is an icy breath of fresh air, showing how women do not need to be defined by the man in their life, but can stand tall and rule their very own queendom. That€™s why Anna punching Prince Hans in his smug, conniving little face is one of the most satisfying parts of the film €“ one small fist for a princess, one giant sucker-punch for feminism and woman-kind.
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