10 Valuable Life Lessons Disney's Frozen Taught You

9. Don€™t Suppress Your Emotions

Homer Simpson once said that the best thing to do when you are angry is to €œJust squeeze your rage into a bitter little ball and release it at an appropriate time€, and because it€™s the lovable oaf of the Simpson family saying it, you know that it€™s bad advice. Unfortunately, it seems Arendelle doesn€™t get TV, because if they did Elsa would have realised that €œConceal, don€™t feel€ is never a good way to deal with your emotions. Frozen tells its audience (and rightly so) that if there is something you feel is wrong with you, or that you are confused or scared, then you should tell someone. A problem shared is a problem halved; narratively, that€™s why Elsa€™s release when she leaves the castle to build her ice palace is so exciting €“ Elsa has shared her problem with the audience, and becomes a whole new person as a result. While she might feel alone, she€™s €œalone and free€. Even then, Elsa is not alone for very long, as Anna comes immediately looking to support her. That€™s a reassuring message for everyone watching this film: while you may feel like nobody will be there to support you with your problems, you should never keep them bottled up. Someone will always care.
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