10 Vampire Movie Fates Worse Than Death

Vampire movie fates worse than death! Daybreakers, Interview With a Vampire & more!

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For most people, death is considered the worst thing possible, and thus the idea of being turned into a vampire would probably be quite appealing.

The thought that you could live forever is alluring to many people, and as such we have an over-abundance of vampire movies and shows that depict that fate as desirable, sometimes even romantic.

But the being undead isn't as attractive as it seems. To be trapped in the same body for centuries while everyone you love dies around you is pretty bleak - not to mention the fact that you can't go near garlic, and a world without garlic bread is chilling to say the least!

Movie makers, of course, picked up on this. Writers have, for years, come up with movies that detail horrifying and disturbing fates vampires are uniquely cursed to live through.

However it's not just vampires on the receiving end of these disastrous fates, as in these movies human characters can be end up in just as bleak scenarios where they wished they were deas.

While we have covered plenty of different sub-genres in reference to this topic before, in movies where dead doesn't always mean gone, horrific fates are just par for the course.

10. Interview With A Vampire - Trapped In The Body Of A Child

Blade movie
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Interview With A Vampire is one of the most famous and well loved vampire movies of all time. The cast included none other than Hollywood-heavyweights Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Cristian Slater. It also included a Golden Globe-nominated performance by the then 11-year-old Kirsten Dunst.

Dunst plays a little girl named Claudia who gets turned into a vampire by Tom Cruise's character, the ancient vampire Lestat, as a surrogate daughter for Brad Pitt's miserable and newly-turned character Louis.

At first everything goes well, and the two men raise Claudia as their own.

For Lestat, she becomes his pupil, training with him to become a ruthless monster akin to himself. For Louis, she replaces the hole left by his own dead wife and unborn child - the more touching of the two relationships.

But when 30 years go by and Claudia realises she will never age visibly, even though she does mentally, things start to go sour.

This realisation that she's eternally trapped in a small child's body is enough to make Claudia snap, attempting to kill Lestat for what he's done to her.

It's an awful twist of fate to be stuck in the body of a child for the rest of your life, to always be treated as if you cannot look after yourself, to need to be accompanied by an adult whenever you leave your dwelling... to never be truly free.

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