10 Vampire Movie Fates Worse Than Death

9. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Eaten From The Inside By Your Own Vampire Spawn

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In a film franchise followed predominately by preteen girls, there was a surprising amount of disturbing imagery in the last two Twilight movies.

When our two main characters, Edward and Bella, finally tied the knot in the first half of the two-part finale, fans got what they'd been waiting for for 3 movies. Or should I say, what the "twilight moms" had been waiting for: the couple to "consummate" their marriage.

However, the couple soon regretted their decision to do that unprotected however, when Bella shockingly gets pregnant with Edward's undead baby.

From there, the movie goes straight into Alien territory, gory body horror and all. The baby, or demon spawn, is something noone in the Cullen clan have ever come across and for the rest of the movie the vampires brood in waiting while Bella goes through THE most horrific pregnancy of all time.

The poor human girl, adamant that she keeps the child, starts to get eaten from the inside by the parasitic-like baby. The pregnancy develops at an unusually fast rate, and as Bella's stomach grows rapidly, the rest of her body wastes away grotesquely until there is barely anything left but skin and bone.

The thought of being consumed from the inside by your own baby is horrifying and fact that Bella ends up having to drink human blood through a straw just to feed it, must have been utterly traumatising.

The pregnancy culminates in Edward having to rip the baby out of her with his teeth while she watches on helplessly. There is no way any normal person could ever love a child so monstrous after that, but the Cullen's are definitely not normal.

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