10 Vampire Movie Fates Worse Than Death

8. Thirst - A Saint Being Forced Into Becoming A Sinner

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Thirst is a South Korean film about a Catholic Priest named Sang-hyun. The movie sees him turned into a vampire against his will when he selflessly volunteers for a medical trial to find a cure for a virus that's ravaging the country.

After being injected with the virus during the trial, his health quickly deteriorates and he is given a blood transfusion to try and save him. However the blood has come from a... questionable source, and mysteriously Sang-hyun makes a full recovery very soon after.

It is soon revealed that the blood has transformed him into a vampire and the movie follows Sang-hyun as he struggles with his new-found thirst for human blood.

He wrestles with his new cursed life in particular because of his Catholic nature and even tries to kill himself because of his guilt.

The film is a perfect capsule of the dichotomy of good and evil, and it's awful to watch Sang-hyun slip into a more and more monstrous state. As the film progresses, our protagonist commits increasingly horrific and unforgivable acts. He steals blood from a blood bank, abandons his church and escalates to murdering his childhood best friend.

In the final act of the movie, in what could be seen as his most evil action, Sang-hyun turns his love into a vampire after she begs him to kill her and put her out of her misery. The good Sang-hyun from the beginning of the movie slowly wastes away, and the audience is left thinking that he probably would have faired better if he had died from the clinical trial at the start.

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