10 Viral Outbreak Movies To Watch While In Quarantine

Isolated? May as well binge some movies.

Contagion 2011
Warner Bros.

At times like this, we need to be kept entertained whilst the government enforce curfews and long periods of quarantine. We probably have at least a couple of weeks left before someone steals the internet, breaks it down, and sells its parts for 100g of penne. So, with that being the case, we may as well binge Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus etc, before the darkest of times fall upon us.

Entertainment can also help you prepare for the wastelands, as the movies on this list will prove. Treat yourself to half a tin of cold beans, lock your bunker doors and buckle up, as we look at the ten best movies to watch during these trying times.

Once you’re done with these, you’ll likely be an expert survivalist.

10. Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Contagion 2011
Screen Gems

Nobody is going to pretend that the Resident Evil movies are actually good. They have no respect for the source material and struggle to pull together their own uncomprehensive plots, rather than just using the games’ writing for inspiration. The second in the franchise, however, can offer some handy tips on how to survive in a city after a widespread virus forces it into lock-down.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse takes place 30 days after the events of the first film, where an Umbrella base called The Hive releases the infamous T-Virus, causing its inhabitants to mutate into flesh-eating abominations. In this entry, the virus has now spread to the streets of Raccoon City, forcing the government to shut the entire place down.

What we can learn from this is to just bloody remain indoors. As the citizens arrive at the only exit to the city, the virus meets them there, the gates are closed and the government’s “peacekeepers” open fire on the crowd. You know who probably didn’t die? The people remaining in secure buildings and waiting for it all to blow over.

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