10 War Movie Plot Twists That Nobody Saw Coming

9. Juba's Revenge - The Wall (2017)

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War thriller The Wall may have divided critical opinion on the film's release in 2017, but Doug Liman's picture features one of the more deviously nasty twist endings in recent memory.

Set during the final stages of the Iraq War, the film centres on an American sniper and his spotter, played by John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson respectively. The pair soon find themselves lured into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with an Iraqi marksman named "Juba". Pinned down and unable to move, the duo's only source of cover from the sniper's aim takes the form of the film's crumbling eponymous wall.

Cena's Staff Sergeant duly bites the dust at Juba's hands but the movie's conclusion sees his spotter apparently triumph over their tormentor. Taylor-Johnson's Sergeant Isaac seemingly guns down the sniper with his final round after a prolonged shooting match between the pair. He then tests the waters by standing up in plain view of his assailant. Juba's shot never comes, indicating that Isaac has indeed dispatched his foe.

Of course, that's before Liman whips the rug out from under his audience with the revelation that the sharpshooter is simply lying in wait for more targets. As backup arrives, the Iraqi proceeds to dispose of Isaac and his rescuers in one fell swoop, using his rifle to down the escape helicopter and concluding the film with the wickedest of gut punches.

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