10 Watered Down Comic Book Movie Moments That Robbed Us Of Awesomeness


By their sheer nature, adapting a comic book into a movie is a challenging business; after all, with so many decades of lore and fandom to draw from, it's impossible to please everyone, and there's always going to be a group of fans who don't agree with the way that a character or storyline was interpreted. That said, there are those moments that, whether classically iconic staples from comic book history or simply scenes that should have been awesome, totally fell flat on their face due to poor decision making in the creative process. Whether in an effort to make the movie seem more commercial, or out of fear that it simply wouldn't translate to the big screen well, these 10 comic book movie moments robbed us of the awesomeness we experienced when reading the comic books, and should hang their heads in shame...

10. The Squid Is Replaced By Dr. Manhattan - Watchmen

Watchmen I love Zack Snyder's Watchmen, but there's one aspect of the film he really bungles, and that's the climax, where "villain" Ozymandias cobbles together a plan to save humanity from all-out war between the US and the Soviet Union. In the comic book, this involves faking an alien invasion in New York City from a squid monster he creates, which unites the world against a single enemy, yet in the film, Ozy instead frames Dr. Manhattan for a tachyon attack, making him humanity's enemy. Though Snyder clearly thought that the squid just wouldn't work for audiences, it's something of a disservice to Alan Moore's source material; the entire point is that humanity would need something so weirdly otherworldly to force them to band together, and given that Dr. Manhattan is a known quantity to humans, it doesn't have nearly the same effect. It doesn't ruin the film, but it was a tremendous disappointment (if one they were at least gracious enough to inform us about before the movie came out).

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