10 Ways MCU Movies Were Almost WAY Darker

Just a family movie franchise? Guess again.

Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has transformed the landscape of today's cinema, and despite dealing with killer robots, murderous brainwashed super soldiers, and the genocide of half of the universe's population, it has managed to stay within the realms of a PG13 rating. There is surely nothing else to be expected from a Disney-owned franchise.

This however, in the opinion of some, has come at a detriment to the MCU. Ensuring the movies are still able to appeal to families and children, while maximising potential viewing audiences, does put a certain limit on the storytelling possibilities.

While Marvel have to be very careful what their characters say and do, DC and Warner Bros were able to enjoy massive success at the other end of the spectrum with the R-Rated Joker.

Though known as the family friendly franchise, there have been numerous times when Marvel Studios have flirted with the idea of making some of their movies far darker. Whether it was a single scene or an entire movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe could have been a lot darker, and not always for the better.


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