10 Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Was Better Than Homecoming

10. Stan Lee's Best Cameo


Starting with a point that no one will object to, the Stan Lee cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man was vastly superior to the one in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Inventive and funny with Spider-Man and the Lizard destroying Lee’s library as he listens to (presumably) very loud music through headphones, Marc Webb had the honour of directing the iconic and lovable old man’s best appearance in a movie so far.

While that was charming and creative, Homecoming opts for a cameo that is all too similar to the common "there's Wally" appearances that Lee has had in way too many Marvel productions. The Marvel Godfather simply shouts out of a window and amusingly hints at being a playboy among the elderly (which is likely as authentic as superhero films will ever get).

With Stan Lee being an inspiring God among geeks, it was refreshing to witness a cameo of his that for once was entertaining rather than a lazy obligation. It's a shame that The Amazing Spider-Man hasn't inspired other directors to be more inventive with their mandatory Stan Lee appearance, but the shenanigans at the library will remain a highlight of the Godather's prolific IMDB portfolio.


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