10 Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Was Better Than Homecoming

Homecoming is NOT the "perfect" Spider-Man movie.

andrew garfield tom holland

After the colossal failure known as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony decided to team up with Marvel to give audiences another Spider-Man reboot with yet another new and fresh-faced actor donning the colours of America. With a younger lead, a unique cast of characters and Marvel’s auteurist stamp of comedy, this “fresh” attempt at milking the Spider-Man cash-cow resulted in a light-hearted comedy that both audiences and critics enjoyed.

Unlike Andrew Garfield’s efforts at updating the Peter Parker character by representing the not-so-geeky social outcast, Tom Holland was universally praised for his portrayal of the awkward nerd and friendly neighbourhood superhero. Neither of their movies were judged to be as stellar as Sam Raimi’s genre-defining trilogy, but, with the fowl taste of Paul Giamatti’s Transformers Rhino still lingering, Jon Watts adaptation is certainly favoured more than Marc Webb’s.

While its sequel is undoubtedly an abhorrent mess that reeks of studio interference, The Amazing Spider-Man is an underappreciated adaptation of the iconic origin story of geek gets bitten by spider. It had charm, drama and captivating performances, and was in many ways more amazing than Holland’s recent portrayal of the web crawler that everyone loves rather than shrieks at.


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