10 Ways The DCEU Films Nearly Turned Out Completely Different

The Snyder Cut isn't the only DCEU 'what if?' that could've changed everything.

Wonder Woman Heads Crimean War
Warner Bros.

Making a comic book movie is a nightmare. But you know what's harder? Creating a comic book movie universe to compete with the MCU. After years of brainstorming, script rewrite after script rewrite, directors getting hired and replaced, and producers retconning everything at the last minute, the DCEU could've turned out very differently, for better or for worse.

Of course, there are people who don't give a second thought to what could have been. What they saw on the big screen was the finished product. I mean, it's not going to change, is it?

But after the Snyder Cut of the Justice League was officially announced, DC fans were fascinated that the original director's vision would finally see the light of day. After seeing the trailer depicting clips that were nowhere to be seen in the Josstice League, viewers were curious what else had been changed in the DC Extended Universe.

How different was the original script for Wonder Woman? Who was meant to be the main villain in Birds of Prey? And whatever happened to Man of Steel 2?

10. Black Manta, The Dead King, And Batman - Aquaman

Wonder Woman Heads Crimean War
Warner Bros

Even though Black Manta is Aquaman's nemesis, he plays second fiddle in the live-action film while Aquaman's brother, Orm serves as the central antagonist. However, Manta originally had a bigger role in the story. According to the Fire & Water Podcast (Via ScreenRant), the audience felt like the movie was overstuffed with content, forcing the director to sacrifice some of Manta's scenes.

Also, when Aquaman attempts to retrieve Atlan's trident, he must prove himself by facing a sea monster called the Karathen. But in one script, the aquatic superhero faced off against a reanimated version of Atlan called The Dead King to prove he was worthy to wield his weapon. This was probably changed since watching Aquaman surfing on a leviathan looks a lot more cinematic than teaming up with a bearded water zombie.

According to some concept art, Batman was meant to make an appearance because... I mean, every film is automatically better by inserting Batman.

He was meant to fly through Sydney in his jet and stop Atlantis' forces from invading the city. This sequence was probably scrapped after DC executives became more wary about shoehorning in iconic characters to pander to audiences.


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