10 Ways Zack Snyder Can Screw Up Superman Batman

History was made at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend when Zack Snyder shockingly announced that a Man of Steel sequel was on the way, but it would not in any way be the conventional sequel we were expecting. Instead of simply continuing Superman's adventures for round two, his next outing will see him facing off against Batman, an unprecedented move that will see the pair sharing the screen for the first time, setting up for a Justice League movie in 2017. Though the move was met with a rapturous response by the adoring fans in Hall H, one still has to consider the myriad ways this tricky project could go down the tubes. Bringing one superhero to the big screen is a challenge enough, but to bring two, especially when one has just finished up the most critically acclaimed comic book movie trilogy of all time, is going to be no easy feat. Here are 10 ways Zack Snyder can screw up Batman and Superman...

10. A Predictable Narrative Arc

When I first heard that the Batman and Superman movie would feature the two fighting each other rather than simply teaming up, I immediately felt like I knew in exactly which direction the movie was going to go. If we adhere to every similar movie concept ever committed to film, this flick will likely begin with the two encountering one another, fighting, and then having to put their differences aside to take down a mutual enemy and save the world, right? Hopefully Snyder and David S. Goyer will come up with something more imaginative than that, because otherwise this is going to be a woefully predictable, down-the-line film, which is not really what we expect from a movie featuring a character as well-drawn as Batman especially.

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