10 Ways Zoolander 2 Is Everything That’s Wrong With Hollywood

9. It Mines Minorities For Laughs

Rather than come up with clever one-liners or hilarious sight gags or any other form of real joke, Zoolander 2 adopts the comedic technique of a playground bully: taking the p*ss out of everything that€™s different to the norm. Unlike the original, which had some genuinely brilliant writing, this sequel is more than content to mine minorities for laughs. Benedict Cumberbatch€™s character €˜All€™ the greatest offender, serving merely as an opportunity for the script to poke fun at transgender/transsexual people. All is asked whether he/she has a €˜hotdog or a bun€™, and later suffers the indignity of Owen Wilson€™s Hansel having a look to find out. How is that okay? Throughout the film, there€™s also a running joke about Hansel being in a non-monogamous relationship with an orgy€™s worth of men, women and animals. Isn€™t that hilarious? No, not really. Minus the animal bit, a lot of people actually live like that these days. This is just another example of Zoolander 2 pointing out something un-traditional and ridiculing it, which comes across as mean-spirited. There was a time when making racist jokes in movies was considered acceptable in Hollywood. That€™s not widely accepted anymore, which puts Zoolander 2 in the same trying-to-be-funny-but-actually-being-offensive camp as Adam Sandler's The Ridiculous Six.

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