10 Weakest Links In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Chain of Fools.

Now the biggest movie franchise of all-time (take that, Harry Potter), the Marvel Cinematic Universe pretty much takes up a large percentage of your life; there's a good chance that you at least think about something MCU-based each and every day, because is there anything else more than dominant - and consistent - in life than this, inevitable on-going superhero saga? Entertaining? Sure. Occasionally awe-inspiring? Absolutely. Flawless? Uh, not so much. Before anybody reading this heads straight down to the comment section in order call out this article as a pointless attack on the awesomeness that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hold your horses: this isn't supposed to be an arbitrary criticism on the MCU as much as it's supposed to be a genuine look at some of the things that this mega-franchise needs to consider making better. In some cases, of course, it's too late and the moment has passed to correct a weakness - fans just have to move on. In others cases, though, there's a clear opportunity to grow or strengthen an aspect of the franchise in order to make it a better experience. Here, then, are the 10 weakest links in the Marcel Cinematic Universe - those aspects that have either brought the franchise down in the past or are bringing the franchise down now...

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