10 Weakest Links In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

10. That Incredible Hulk Film Everybody Forgets About

If there's one film that everybody tends to forget is actually a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's The Incredible Hulk. There are a number of reasons for this, of course - the biggest of which comes down to the fact that Edward Norton was eventually replaced by actor Mark Ruffalo for further adventures in the series. That aside, The Incredible Hulk never really "felt" like a credible entry in the MCU - even today, it feels like an outside picture imposing on a franchise that it doesn't really belong to. That mainly stems from the fact that - for all intents and purposes - The Incredible Hulk didn't really offer up much to be "carried over" into further MCU adventures, making it fairly easy to forget about in the grand scheme of things Even with that Tony Stark cameo, it feels like part of a "different" world, and its tone is far darker and far more serious that any of the other MCU movies. As a part of the cinematic universe "chain," it feels like a weak link - one that most fans would probably choose to sweep under the carpet, given the option.

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