10 Weird & Obscure Facts About Quentin Tarantino

His youth, his hobbies, his creative methods… nothing is off limits for Tarantino.

quentin tarantino banana Quentin Tarantino is one of the most recognisable personalities in the world of modern cinema. Just as Alfred Hitchcock could be identified by just a silhouette, or Martin Scorsese by his thick black glasses, Tarantino is instantly recognisable by his trademark manic demeanour, colourful language, and love of all things Americana. He is the Puck of modern cinema, a mischievous dervish who elevates kitsch into award-winning art - a bowerbird that makes collages out of pop music, gore, and the taboo. Over the years, as well as waxing lyrical about the joys of film to all and sundry, Tarantino has made some very candid statements about his rather eccentric life. His youth, his hobbies, his creative methods€ nothing is off limits for Tarantino. To celebrate all things Quentin, here are ten obscure facts about cinema€™s former enfant terrible turned elder statesman.

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