10 Weird & Obscure Facts About Quentin Tarantino

10. His First Two Jobs Were In The Porn Industry

wuen Although it€™s long been acknowledged that Tarantino€™s formative years were largely spent working in a video rental store called Video Archives, in Hermosa Beach, he only got that job when he was twenty two. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Tarantino recounts that his first jobs were in fact tied to the adult entertainment industry. At the age of sixteen, he would drive around all night with the owner of a porno magazine title, collecting quarters from the magazine racks. I suppose it would have been fun if you were a a) an insomniac, or b) a connoisseur of €˜the carnal arts€™, but Tarantino is neither. As he would say to Rose whilst describing his second job in adult entertainment, as an usher at the Pussycat Theatre in Torrance, California:€œYou get to go to a movie theatre all day long, and then you get to see all the movies for free. All right, well, irony of ironies, I end up getting a job at a movie theatre that I couldn't care less about the movies and was totally bored by them.€ So there you have it. Tarantino dislikes porn, however without his venture into blue movies, we may never have been able to witness the infamous 'gimp scene' in Pulp Fiction. Life can be funny like that.

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