10 Weird Things You Won't Believe Actors Did After Filming

What strange things did these actors get up to when the cameras stopped rolling?

Dracula Gary Oldman
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It's widely accepted that whenever an actor opts to wholeheartedly commit themselves to a mouth-watering role, more often than not, a deeply compelling or at least morbidly fascinating portrayal is never too far around the corner. Yet, while submerging themselves into the backstory and era of a character and particular story, respectively, seem like harmless enough endeavours at a glance, there are some actors who opt to take things up a notch in their pursuit of the truth.

The following collection of mesmerising thespians all felt that simply turning up on set and delivering the goods whilst the cameras were rolling, only to drop the facade shortly after "cut!", just wasn't sufficient enough. So much so that they embarked on some rather intriguing and often surreal antics away from the bright lights in order to keep their internal character engine running.

From deeply questionable sleeping locales to a frightening need to keep a character's mannerisms going long after the day's shooting is over, you can safely file these various actor escapades that went down away from the lens under "pretty darn strange".

10. The Rock Pushed Himself To Black Out With Real Chains... Eight Times! - Hercules

Dracula Gary Oldman
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It has to be said that you usually wouldn't be too quick to class Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as an actor who is deeply committed to legitimately living and breathing the same experience as the characters he plays on the big screen. After all, if that was consistently the case, he'd have likely sincerely fallen off a skyscraper and/or been made roadkill by a genuine raging bull by now.

However, a few years before those aforementioned big screen moments came about, Rocky was seemingly determined to show he meant business on the set of 2014's Hercules when sharing the screen with the likes of John Hurt and Ian McShane. So, instead of using fake chains for a scene that saw his titular character break free from imprisonment and roar his name aloud, Johnson had the real thing installed on the day.

The only issue with this was the fact that his monumental build-up of adrenaline from the roar, and lack of give, instantly resulted in him blacking out seconds after the shot was in the can. But no matter, Johnson well and truly lay in his bed and performed the scene a whopping eight times in total.

That's a lot of fainting.


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