10 Weirdest Cameos In Spider-Man Movies

Xena was in the first Spider-Man movie!?

Spider-Man Lucy Lawless Xena
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It goes without saying that a movie property as hot as Spider-Man was always going to invite its fair share of talent, but outside of the front-and-center stars, they've also lured in a surprising crop of actors happy to simply make cameo appearances.

From Sam Raimi's original 2002 Spider-Man onwards, the web-slinger's films have boasted some truly peculiar bit-parts, from now-famous up-and-comers starting out in the industry, to virtually unrecognisable name actors showing up for mere seconds, and celebrity cameos you'll need a pair of eagle eyes to catch.

And to be clear, these cameos are all odd. We're not counting Stan Lee's appearances because he's the least-weird thing about any Marvel movie, while Bruce Campbell's trio of cameos in Raimi's Spidey trilogy are cute but ultimately not surprising in the slightest (him being Raimi's old pal and all).

These 10 cameos were all shocking and unexpected, whether providing an early glimpse at a talent-in-the-making, hiding a famed actor in plain sight, or in extreme cases even rewriting the rules of what these franchises are capable of.

Pat yourself on the back if you caught any of these cameos, but don't feel bad if, like most of us, you missed the lot...


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