10 Weirdest Dracula Adaptations

9. Billy The Kid Vs Dracula

wes craven dracula 2000
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Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. That’s not always a bad thing; the problem with this one is that it’s boring too. We get a plodding story of Billy The Kid trying to save his love interest from the evil machinations of everyone’s favourite vamp, but, aside from that, we get a whole lot of nothing. We get one lengthy boring shot after another, occasionally interspersed with some six-shooters, and some vampire action that doesn’t even slightly resemble anything inspired by Dracula.

It was filmed alongside another movie of a similar ilk, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein. Both are part of the practically forgotten Weird West sub-genre, which combined the then wildly popular western with other genres. Work on the two simultaneous shoots took eight days to complete. That tells you something about the level of care, attention and quality on display here.

From the title, it sounds like it might be a laugh. It’s not. Give it a miss.

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