10 Weirdest Ever Cameos In Batman Movies

5. Drew Barrymore - Batman Forever

Batman Forever Drew Barrymore Jim Carrey
Warner Bros.

Remember when Drew Barrymore appeared in Batman Forever? No?

If you haven't seen the film in quite some time, it's easy to forget that the on-the-rise actress showed up briefly as Sugar, one of Two-Face's (Tommy Lee Jones) assistants, representing his "good" side, while Debi Mazar played Spice, the "bad" equivalent.

Barrymore had certainly proven herself worthy of a substantial blockbuster role at this point in her career, so seeing her shoehorned into an eye candy cameo felt like a massive waste, even if a lingerie-clad Barrymore surely made sitting through the movie slightly less insufferable for many.

She did fine enough with what little material she had, even if giving Two-Face two diametrically opposed lackeys who literally split his lair straight down the middle was a tad too obvious, even for this movie.


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