10 Weirdest Films To Come From Celebrated Directors

When a director decides to flip the script and do something completely different...


When you become a filmmaker, you have to develop a personal brand. When your name gets attached to a project, that project has to fit into your particular ‘brand’, or else you have the potential to lose the audience that you’ve spent so much hard work building up.

As a result, it’s incredibly rare to see a recognized filmmaker step out of their creative comfort zone and make something completely off-brand. If they do make a film that’s wholly different from their esteemed output, it usually comes at the beginning of their career, before they've released their massive hit and subsequently been compelled to make follow-ups in its image.

Sometimes, when looking at a director’s early work, it’s fascinating to see how far they were willing to go to make something original before breaking in to the business. Other times, though, an avant-garde filmmaker will just create something spectacularly different because they grow bored of their own brand, and they want to showcase something new for their own personal sense of achievement. Whatever the reason, there are times when a notable director can make films so weird that it clashes with every other film they've made. Here are some examples.

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