10 Weirdest Footballer Cameos In Movies

9. Fitz Hall - The Fifth Element

Giroud Spider-Man

I can think of no way to adequately open this entry beyond simply saying; I absolutely promise you this isn't a wind-up, but Fitz Hall, the Fitz Hall, QPR and Crystal Palace defender Fitz Hall, honestly, actually Fitz Hall, was in the movie The Fifth Element.

The actual Fifth Element, as well. Not some weird knock off. The proper one with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman's head oil. Fitz Hall was in The Fifth Element.

Quite how he ended up there he's never actually gone into detail on, but he has confirmed that the 12-year-old in the opening scene of the movie is indeed him. When the Giant Penguin Gods arrive in early 20th century Egypt to borrow a super-weapon, it's Fitz Hall's gobsmacked face that greets the landing of their spaceship.

As far as footballer cameos in movies go, you'll struggle to find a more random alignment of Success of Player vs. Prominence of Movie Role. Still though, it does mean that there's only one degree of professional separation between Chris Rock and Emile Heskey.

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