10 Weirdest Ideas Turned Into Horror Movies

Sometimes the most bizarre of plotlines can be very, very scary.

Teeth horror movie
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The horror genre is incredibly diverse, with perhaps the greatest number of sub-genres in cinema: Body Horror, Slasher Horror, Teen Horror, Comedy Horror, Folk Horror, Torture Porn, Exploitation Horror, J-Horror, and German Expressionist Horror to name but a few.

With all these sub-genres, some of which have their own sub-genres beyond the sub-genres (confusing, I know), it's not hard to imagine that in certain circles of the cinematic world, horror movies can get really, really weird, and not just in the surreal sense.

With creativity comes the potential for incredibly bizarre ideas to make incredibly entertaining, or incredibly disturbing, horror movies. Whilst strange and bizarre horror moves hit their peak during the 70s and 80s, with the popularity of Grindhouse cinemas and Exploitation movies, there's still a very niche audience for the strange a bizarre today.

What follows is a selection of ten horror movies whose ideas come from really strange places. Whether surreal, or just plain silly, there's no denying that the creative forces behind these films are nothing less than astounding, and the ideas behind them are nothing short of bizarre.

10. Tokyo Gore Police

Teeth horror movie
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When it comes to finding something utterly bizarre and nonsensical, Japan is an utter goldmine, and not just for movies. Japanese horror filmmakers are renowned for creating some of the strangest, yet most creative things to ever exist, but there are none stranger than Tokyo Gore Police.

Tokyo Gore Police is a sci-fi horror film about a young woman called Ruka who is a member of the authoritarian Tokyo Police Force as an Engineer Hunter. Her job is to hunt down Engineers – psychotic people who have been mutated by a mad scientist and can now turn any wound they receive into a dangerous weapon. Stylistically, Tokyo Gore Police is a grotesque mixture of Starship Troopers, Kill Bill, and The Island Of Dr. Moreau.

The strange plot is just the surface level of weird, as this movie is every single shade of strange: from mutant snail people, to quadriplegic dog-women, to Engineers with guns for eyes, chainsaws for hands and a crocodile for a sexual organ. It’s non-stop insanity from start to finish. It’s one of those movies where it’s good to have a nap afterwards because of sheer exhaustion from trying to comprehend what on earth you’ve just witnessed.

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