10 Weirdest Movie Crossovers Ever

Freddy Vs. Jason? Try Fred Flintstone Vs. John Cena.

WWE Flintstones Crossover
Warner Bros.

Movie crossovers are strange at the best of times, but some are just downright cuckoo. The later entries here in particular will have you wondering exactly what they’re putting in the water in the offices of film studio executives.

Crossovers take two (or more) characters or properties, then throw them together and watch what happens. Some of them aren’t half bad; Avengers, Batman Vs Superman, The Flintstones Meet The Jetsons and Who Framed Roger Rabbit all qualify to various degrees.

Although you could make the argument Avengers are a property unto themselves, when you consider how many characters appeared in Endgame it’s hard not to see it as a Marvel crossover.

These are typically the exception though, as most either fall flat or are concepts so ridiculous that reception is only positive out of pure surprise the movie isn’t a steaming pile of Gotti. That’s the case for some here, but it doesn’t stop them from being incredibly strange ideas.

Some franchises seemingly can’t resist crossing over again and again and again, so to keep things fresh, appearances are limited to one per franchise.

That still offers a whole host bizarre team-ups that prove that sometimes, nothing is stranger than fiction.

10. Freddy Vs. Jason

WWE Flintstones Crossover
New Line Cinema

Freddy Vs Jason does at least make sense as a concept on paper, which is a lot more than you can say for the later entires on this list. We all just kind of accept Freddy Vs. Jason as a movie with a shrug; it’s the same way we feel about Cars getting a third movie.

But it’s actually exactly the same as Cars getting a third movie, in that realistically there’s no earthly reason they should even exist. Cars 3 at least sells toys by the barrel, something which you can’t say about Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees.

Both manic killers have legendary slasher franchises, even if both Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The Thirteenth have seen the quality of their movies sink over the years.

Neither character seems geared to play well with others though; in fact, you could argue this is a major part of the draw in their solo ventures.

So it proved in 2003, a bizarre era to go big on a slasher film in any way, when Freddy Vs. Jason suffered some scathing reviews.

While not eyebrow-raisingly bizarre, Freddy Vs. Jason is still a rather strange affair at heart.


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