10 Weirdest Places Horror Movie Characters Were Trapped In

Trapped in time, minds, movies and the 'burbs. Horror takes us to some strange places.

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Once you've got your good guys and your bad guys and your many-edged weapons sorted out, a major part of horror movie magic is the predicaments characters find themselves in. And boy, are horror movie characters ever good at finding themselves in a predicament.

Saw may be what comes to mind when we think of traps and horror, but over the years there have been plenty more weird and wonderful places people have found themselves trapped that, to be honest, make Saw's routine selection of mechanical traps look a bit commonplace. How does it sound to be stuck in the social hub of a headbanging neo-Nazi group? Or within the mind of a serial killer? What about in a five-second time loop of death? Hell, we've even got one unlucky group who find themselves trapped in a horror movie itself.

No matter where these poor victims find themselves, it is always the last place we might have looked. And, you know what - good on them! If we can get through the ten weirdest places horror movie characters were trapped without guessing what comes next, then their job is done!

10. Neo-Nazi Clubhouse Green Room - Green Room (2015)

color out of space

One of the late, great Anton Yelchin’s finest roles and performances finds him slappin’ da bass for The Ain’t Rights, a punk group who accidentally book a gig for a tribe of pumped up and persecutorial neo-Nazis. After they have come off stage (to little fanfare), guitarist Sam (Alia Shawkat) catches sight of a dead girl on the premises who the skinheads have knifed to death, and once the management know that they know, the band are fighting for their lives from the confines of the green room.

Club owner Darcy (Patrick Stewart, enjoying every moment of a typically un-Patrick Stewart role) orders the deaths of the band in an attempt to cover up the whole thing, and a gang of machete-wielding white-power skinheads start breaking down the door. While The Ain’t Rights don’t spend the entire movie trapped here, they are stuck in the room for the first half, bartering with the Nazis, fending off attacks, and looking for ways out.

The deep strangeness of the whole setup comes from the unconventional nature of their imprisonment. It’s not often you get trapped in a green room, far less one associated with the aggressive far right - giving writer-director Jeremy Saulnier’s core concept some pretty major returns from such a straightforward concept.


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