10 Weirdest Things Famous Actors Did With Their Money

They say money can't buy happiness, but who needs happiness when you've got a ruby encrusted zebra?

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We’ve all made questionable purchases. Whether it’s a late night browsing spree on Amazon leading to the next day delivery of an automatic banana slicer, or the continual justification of the mood changing light fixtures you’ve just bought, a full bank account can lead to some very strange financial decisions.

Yet these meagre mishaps pale in comparison to the extravagant (not to mention frivolous) splashing of the cash done by the millionaire celebrities over in Hollywood and beyond. The 1% may be rich beyond imagination, but that doesn’t mean they’re all investment experts.

From mansions and fast cars, old artefacts and exotic creatures, to some slightly more... outlandish purchases, these guys really know a thing or two about burning money.

Then again, setting your cash on fire is probably more useful than some of these dubious payments. At least then the flames would keep you warm. You could even invite friends over and roast marshmallows on it, or something.

But burning your entire livelihood aside, here are some examples of why high amounts of wealth doesn’t always indicate high amounts of business sense. Or intelligence, for that matter.

10. Nicolas Cage - A Stolen Mongolian Dinosaur Skull

While this entire list could be dedicated solely to the strange things Nicolas Cage has bought over the years (a haunted house, an actual medieval castle, etc.) the top spot has to go to his acquiring of a stolen Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull in 2007.

The skull in question originated in Mongolia, and cost Cage a whopping $276,000. Then again, that's quite the bargain for the illegally smuggled head of a real dinosaur.

Even stranger, Cage only successfully paid for the skull after an intense bidding war with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. If that doesn't sound like the plot to the next National Treasure film, then nothing does.

What Cage used the skull for, no one knows, but he was forced to return it to US Authorities in 2014 so that it could be sent back to Mongolia. Hey, it was stolen, after all.

The skull now resides back in Mongolia, although neither Cage nor the gallery that hosted the auction was charged with any wrongdoing. Somewhat surprising, considering how illegal the shipment of fossils in Mongolia is. Not only that, this isn't the first dinosaur the gallery has sold, after previously illegally buying and selling an entire dinosaur skeleton.

Looks like someone hasn't watched Jurassic Park.

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