10 Wild Ideas For The Hulk In Phase 5

How should Marvel use Mark Ruffalo’s final MCU appearance?

Marvel Studios

By the time the credits rolled on Avengers: Endgame, five of the six OG Avengers had an arc representing some version of closure. Tragedy, victory, a fresh start: even if their stories, like Hawkeye and Thor, would be continuing, Endgame acted as a capstone to volume one.

And then there was the Hulk. One of the many selling points for Endgame had been the promise of the culmination of a storyline for Bruce Banner begun in Thor: Ragnarok and continued into Infinity War.

In the end, we didn’t see that happen. There was no resolution between Banner and his brutish alter ego. He simply emerged after the narrative’s five year time jump as a merged version of himself and the Hulk: free of anger management issues, an eight foot tall, green affability machine.

And following that epic climactic battle - during which we barely saw the Hulk do anything - that was it. The end of Bruce Banner’s vaunted voyage of discovery took place off-screen, with a single line of handwaving dialogue about eighteen months in a gamma lab.

Thing is, Mark Ruffalo’s played Banner in five movies now. As far as we know, he still has one appearance left on his Marvel contract… and as of now, there’s no indication as to when that appearance is going to be.

So let’s spitball a better coda for one of Marvel’s most compelling characters, since Marvel don’t seem interested in doing so...


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