10 Woefully Miscast Actors In Comic Book Movies

So Vinnie Jones in an X-Men movie? Who green-lit that?

Lex Luthor
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It’s often difficult to know exactly how an actor will turn out in a film until it is finished given that there are so many components in play that will affect a performance. The director, the script and their fellow actors will all of course have an influence on how their character turns out.

Thankfully, there are standout performances throughout the ages where the seemingly wrong choice for a part has exceeded beyond our wildest imaginations; Heath Ledger’s fantastic and rightfully Oscar-winning performance in The Dark Knight is a prime example of this.

On the flipside, if cinematic history has taught us anything, it’s that one wrongly miscast actor can bring a whole film to its knees. Classic examples such as Sofia Coppola in The Godfather Part III or Hayden Christensen in Star Wars are there to demonstrate just how awkward a square peg in a round hole looks in a Hollywood blockbuster, to the point where their performances are remembered above all else, for all the wrong reasons.

Comic book adaptations are no exception, and with a loyal devotion of fans, a wide array of source material and characters who have been developed over the course of history, nailing these eponymous superheroes and villains can be a tall task indeed. As with any other genre, comic book movies are no stranger to a horribly miscast actor or actress.

10. Malin Akerman As The Silk Spectre - Watchmen

Lex Luthor
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There were a number of reasons why Zak Synder's adaptation of seminal comic book Watchmen did not translate well onto screen, with Malin Akerman's casting as Laurie Juspeczyk aka The Silk Spectre being one of them. In the comic books Laurie is lonely, troubled by her past and desperately trying to find her place in the world.

The movie adaptation tried to emulate this, but unfortunately Akerman showed none of the depth or range required to demonstrate the complexity of the character and is solely remembered for running around in a tight leather costume, poorly delivering her lines, and unfortunately for one of the most cringe-worthy sex scenes in film history. Despite her showing no on-screen chemistry at all with fellow actor Patrick Wilson, we as an audience were forced to sit through their forced romance.

To her credit, Malin Akerman has admitted in an interview that she was in way over her head being cast in this role, having only ever appeared in comedies prior to this. It seems her casting as The Silk Spectre was simply a way of getting an attractive woman to run around in a skin-tight costume.

Akerman is a talented actress as she has proven in other projects, but unfortunately her turn as the Silk Spectre left a lot to be desired.


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