10 Woefully Miscast Actors In Comic Book Movies

9. George Clooney As Batman - Batman & Robin

Lex Luthor
Warner Bros. Pictures

It has been 20 years since this abomination hit our screens, and to his credit George Clooney is still apologising for how bad it was and has even been known to jokingly offer a refund to anybody who had the misfortune of watching Joel Schumacher’s camp take on the Dark Knight in cinemas at the time.

Many felt that Clooney was typically too charming and too much of a ‘nice guy’ to portray the dark and complex character in the comics and in the Tim Burton films, and Clooney just didn’t seem comfortable in the role at all.

For some reason every character spends the movie dropping puns (Arnold Schwarzenegger being on fine form of course) and even though these jokes are poorly written, Clooney delivers them with no enthusiasm at all, almost as if he's as embarrassed as the audience when Batman mentions the fact he has a 'bat credit card.'

Michael Keaton gave his performances a degree of intensity and complexity, and although Val Kilmer failed to replicate this, he was hardly a bad Batman. With Clooney in the lead role, it felt as though we were watching Doug Ross put on a Batman costume and try and get through the atrocity that was Batman & Robin as quickly as he could.


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