10 Worst CGI Effects In Superhero Films

Not all CGI is created equal.

X-men origins wolverine claws

There's no argument, superhero movies have become the dominant genre at the multiplex over the past decade. What were previously scattered releases that only ever had mild success, are now the biggest box office hits of the year. With such an abundance of superhero movies coming out each year, we’ve been treated to some of the best CGI to ever grace the big screen.

From desolate cityscapes to worlds colliding, the ability and reach of computer generated effects is seemingly endless. But, as every avid watcher of superhero movies knows, not all CGI is created equal.

Whether it’s because of time crunches, messy productions, or studio interference, the CGI of many blockbusters have sadly taken a hit.

Even the most polished productions that have had the luxury of substantial budgets have fallen victim to poor CGI. From DC to Marvel, no big studio is safe from the pitfalls of poor visual effects.

We'll be looking at not just the obvious examples, but also some of the more bizarre creations that have come out of some of our favorite movies in the genre.

10. Bruce Banner In The Hulkbuster – Avengers: Infinity War

X-men origins wolverine claws

In a movie filled to the brim with some of the greatest CGI work the industry has ever seen, the effects of Bruce Banner using the Hulkbuster in the penultimate Avengers instalment are shoddy to say the least.

The concept of this inclusion is great. Hulk has become afraid of Thanos after the beating he received in the opening scene, so Banner uses a Hulkbuster suit to go toe-to-toe with the armies of Thanos in the movie's climatic battle.

It should be said that the Hulkbuster itself looks great - it’s only when the suit opens up that the problems arise.

Immediately something looks off. While the effects surrounding actor Mark Ruffalo’s upper body look realistic and sleek, the inclusion of the former gives off a strong green screen feel. The main issue here is the compositing work, with Banner looking as if he is floating above the suit he is meant to be secured in.

It’s a baffling oversight in a movie with otherwise outstanding CGI work. One can only assume that all the time it took to make Thanos one of the most compelling and realistic fully CG villains in cinema, forced the effects team to make concessions in other areas.

For the great work it resulted in, this one can be forgiven.


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