10 Worst CGI Moments In Star Wars

9. Young Princess Leia - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars A New Hope Han Jabba.jpg

Rogue One took the bold step of featuring extensive digital recreations of two actors.

Grand Moff Tarkin actor Peter Cushing, who died more than 20 years before Rogue One came out, was re-animated through cutting-edge CGI tech, and though the results were divisive with fans, the effort was nevertheless impressive all the same.

That was in large part due to smart directorial decisions, such as featuring the character in low-light in order to obscure the digital imperfections, though the same sadly couldn't be said for the surprise appearance of a young Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) at the film's end.

Shot in extremely harsh lighting conditions and in close-up no less, the artifice of the digital Leia draws massive attention to itself, such that it better resembles a passable render from Star Wars Battlefront II rather than a blockbuster visual effect.

Above all else, that more people were talking about the uncanny valley CGI rather than the fact that Leia showed up speaks to how misguided it was.

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