10 Worst Comic Book Castings in Film History

We run down the 10 worst casting decisions in comic book movie history.

A while back, I wrote an article detailing my top ten best comic book castings of all time. Now I present its polar opposite, the ten worst castings in comic-book film history (listed from bad to worse). I want to preface this list by saying that most of these casting choices are victims of bad film-making, and no amount of good acting could save their roles. There was one role I really wanted to put on this list, but I just couldn€™t do it--Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Most people hate him for the role, but few actors can pull of a good, cocky attitude and still be awesome like Reynolds, so he doesn€™t make the ten worst for that role (though he does for another). Another notable exclusion is Ben Affleck as Daredevil. Many critics hate his casting, but I thought he worked out pretty well in the role. This article, however, is not about what I liked€”it€™s about what I dislike, so read away and let me know how much you agree/disagree with my picks. Enjoy! Dishonorable Mention: Bryan Singer for leaving the third X-Men film Bryan Singer is not an actor, and he wasn€™t cast to play any comic book based roles, but he deserves to be on this list for successfully delivering a killer blow on two films at once. On one hand, his absence from the X-Men franchise in €œX-Men: The Last Stand,€ is a notable tragedy that ended with a train-wreck that should have been awesome. The third X-Men film had issues on every front, and I blame Bryan Singer, even though the studio could have picked up someone that could do a better job. The other film Singer ruined was Superman Returns, which, if it would have tried to be a film that could stand alone, might have succeeded. Instead, we get a film that parallels Richard Donner€™s: €œSuperman: The Movie€ and his "Superman II" so much that I wondered if it was an over-glorified late night comedy sketch. Hopefully Mr. Singer learned something here€”don€™t leave something awesome to try and copy something amazing. It just doesn€™t work. For obliterating two awesome things, Mr. Singer, you get the Dishonorable Mention on this list. Click "Next" below to get started...
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