10 Worst Comic Book Movie Climaxes

When the Fat Lady forgets her words.

Warner Bros.

We watch superhero movies for a number of reasons, but one of the most purely entertaining is the catharsis of seeing the hero overcome the odds and face the final confrontation. Whether it is one last battle against the supervillain or foiling their evil plan through a great act of courage, the equivalent of big boss fights in the genre show us the true strength of the hero and leave the audience on a high note.

But for such an important part of the experience, it's an element a lot of superhero movies fumble the ball on. Even truly great recent examples of the genre like Iron Man and Wonder Woman fumble the ball in their final moments - at least compared to the awesomeness that had come before.

On the other hand, there are other superhero movie action climaxes that are outright awful. They fall flat for a number of reasons: they're too brief, they come out of nowhere, they're ludicrous and nonsensical, they're poorly conceived and staged or, most importantly, they fail to give an adequate challenge to our hero. It's clearly a minefield.

So buckle in for an onslaught of underwhelming action sequences and a heavy overuse of CGI...


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