10 Worst Ever MCU Post-Credit Scenes

9. Tony Stark Meets Thaddeus Ross - The Incredible Hulk

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Marvel Studios

The Incredible Hulk was just the second ever movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following on from Iron Man several months before. At such an early stage, there was only really one thing that the franchise was building up to – The Avengers.

After the credits rolled, a defeated Thaddeus Ross drank alone in a dark and dingy bar, trying to drown his sorrows when Tony Stark, the only other previously established superhero in the franchise walked in. He was putting a team together, and wanted to speak to Thunderbolt.

We know now that Bruce Banner would ultimately join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but this had nothing to do with Thaddeus Ross. This came from him being recruited to try and track the Tesseract using his expertise on gamma radiation. So what did this post-credit scene mean then?

It didn’t seem to make sense, so Marvel Studios developed ‘The Consultant’, the very first One-Shot to explain that it wasn’t actually Banner that Stark wanted to talk about, it was the Abomination. If you need to make a short film to explain a post-credit scene, that technically went absolutely nowhere, then you know it missed the mark.


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