10 Worst Films Adapted From Black List Screenplays

9. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

All About Steve Sandra Bullock

Quite possibly the most hated film in the X-Men franchise (well, maybe apart from The Last Stand), X-Men Origins: Wolverine had the honour of being included on the first ever Black List back in 2005. Maybe ‘honour’ isn’t quite the right word considering that fellow stinkers like Righteous Kill and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor were featured on the inaugural list too. Let’s put it down to first-time enthusiasm.

Despite showing promise Wolverine failed to deliver on so many levels, squandering the talents of its cast and all but ruining the much-anticipated first introduction to Deadpool. It was so bad in fact that plans for its follow-up prequel, the far better looking X-Men Origins: Magneto, were shelved too.

At least the X-Men franchise has since treated fans to two infinitely better Wolverine focused films – 2013’s The Wolverine and this year’s Logan – which kind of softens the blow of the first. Almost.


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