10 Worst Horror Movie One-Liners

9. “When he’s near, toast falls jelly-side down, children hit tables, and people get hurt” - Ramirez, Devil

The Happening Mark Wahlberg
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Devil is a 2010 horror film from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan and chronicles a group of people who wind up stuck in a malfunctioning elevator. It soon becomes clear that one individual in the lift is in fact the devil, and has been killing the others one by one when the lights intermittently go out.

It’s an intriguing concept for a movie, but suffered from poor execution, which is a description that can be applied to many of Shyamalan’s works.

One such example of its subpar execution is in its dialogue. Ramirez, a security guard, discusses the devil in one scene of the film. He explains that “when he’s near, everything goes wrong. Toast falls jelly-side down, children hit tables, and people get hurt.”

While it was supposed to be a quippy or entertaining way to get some expositional dialogue in, it just came off as a cloying and unsuccessful attempt at humour, which the movie didn’t need.


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