10 Worst Instances Of Marvel Movies Dropping The Ball

10. Too Much Talking & Not Enough Smashing In Hulk

"Too much talking and not enough smashing" - that is how RottenTomatoes.com described this movie and they were probably right. 2003's Hulk movie - which was produced by Universal Studios and starred Eric Bana - was a bit of a box office bomb. After a promising opening weekend, it went on to gross just $245 million worldwide which, granted, was a profit, but it was nowhere near the projected earnings that the movie was expected to take and no sequel was ever considered as a result. It got nowhere near the top ten grossing movies of the year and with an underwhelming lead character, lack of action, poor villains/antagonists, mediocre special effects and depressingly long running time of 2 hours and 18 minutes, it was definitely a failure overall.
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