10 Worst MCU Deleted Scenes EVER

These scenes were cut for good reason.

Captain Marvel Brie Larson
Marvel Studios

It will never cease to amaze that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has enjoyed a critical and commercial winning streak of almost two-dozen films without anything close to a major miss.

A big reason for the success is clearly the involvement of mega-producer Kevin Feige, who has ensured a consistent style and tonality across the franchise, as well as filmmakers who acutely understand what audiences want.

And with that in mind, even the most modest of MCU movies has left plenty of material on the cutting room floor, much of which has since surfaced on home video releases and more recently on Disney+.

Though almost all of the excised content makes for interesting viewing, and there are certainly many scenes good enough to merit their inclusion in the theatrical release, the overwhelming majority were ultimately sensible omissions.

Case in point, these 10 deleted scenes represent the most sensibly cut material in the entire MCU, from "comedy" scenes that fell totally flat, to subplots that wasted time, and even grandstanding emotional moments that over-egged the dramatic pudding...

10. Bruce Gets Ripped Off By Sorority Girls - The Incredible Hulk

Captain Marvel Brie Larson

It's no secret that The Incredible Hulk was tinkered with extensively during post-production, as star Edward Norton and director Louis Leterrier clashed with producers over the final cut of the film. In this case, though, a cut most sensible was made.

In this relatively pointless comic relief deleted scene, Bruce Banner (Norton) assumes the disguise of a pizza delivery man in order to blend in on Culver University campus, and even delivers a couple of pizzas for good measure.

After correcting one student's equation during his first delivery, his second drop-off sees the sorority girl recipients refusing to pay, insisting that the pizza's cold and then flicking some cold meat at his forehead.

Bruce retorts, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry," at which point one of the girls disgustedly dubs him a pervert and closes the door, before a frat boy tells him to "smash that door in."

The first part of the sequence isn't terrible, but the exchange with the obnoxious sorority girl is neither funny nor dramatically worthwhile.

This is total dead weight, beyond showing Banner's restraint at not just hulking out and wrecking the entire dorm.


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