10 Worst MCU Deleted Scenes EVER

9. Carol Homages Terminator 2 - Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Brie Larson
Marvel Studios

In the theatrical release of Captain Marvel, Robert Kazinsky briefly cameos as a douchebag biker who compliments Carol (Brie Larson) on her "scuba suit" and asks her to give him a smile.

When he heads into a store, she steals his bike and rides off, with the entire beat lasting barely 30 seconds. But the scene was originally much longer than this, and was framed around Carol taking the opportunity to act out a half-baked homage to Terminator 2.

In the original scene, the biker - who identifies himself as "The Don" - directly confronts Carol, leading to her breaking his hand with an epic handshake, and asking for his jacket, helmet, and motorcycle in exchange for not wrecking him further.

In the scene's most cringe-worthy nod to T2, The Don hands her the keys and cries, "Take it!", just as the biker does in James Cameron's action masterpiece. It probably passes for restraint that the scene didn't use "Bad to the Bone", at least.

While this might've seemed funny on the page, it's yet another groan-worthy, on-the-nose '90s pop-culture reference in a movie already full of them.

Sure, it's nice to see Brie Larson get back at those who insist she needs to "smile more," but the execution doesn't work at all.


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